Lifestyle and Infertility
Lifestyle and Infertility
Lifestyle and Infertility

Lifestyle and Infertility

Stay away from stress

  • It is a well-established fact that continuous stress for long period impairs reproductive system. It leads to irregularity in periods and failure to produce egg (anovulation) in women and decreased sperm count and/or sperm motility in men.
  • It affects all these systems through some complex hormonal mechanisms.
  • It is very important to modify our lifestyle to combat stress level in day to day life. Small changes such as healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep and meditation can show enormous positive results.

Eat healthy, think healthy

  • Maintain healthy weight, eat balanced diet and exercise regularly
  • A poor diet or being overweight can contribute to infertility.
  • In men, nutritional deficiencies can affect sperm count and sperm motility.
  • In women, being overweight or extremely underweight can lead to irregular periods and anovulation.

NO to smoking

  • The adverse effects of cigarette smoking on reproductive health have been well documented in literature. The cigarette smoke contains approximately 4000 chemicals which are dangerous to human body.
  • There is a strong evidence that smoking reduces fertility. It appears to cause loss of eggs, delay in pregnancy and early menopause in females and reduction in sperm count and/or motility in males.

Limit alcohol

  • Large amount of alcohol consumption leads to lower pregnancy and higher miscarriage rates.
  • During pregnancy, alcohol consumption is associated with higher risk of miscarriage, foetal death, preterm labour (delivery before 9 months) and decreased foetal (unborn baby) growth.

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